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Our Unique Programs Cater to Many Sectors Within Israeli Society

Campus Lev – Men’s Institute

Campus Lev offers students a unique combination of high level science, engineering and advanced Judaic Studies courses.

Campus Lustig – Women’s Institute

The Campus Lustig program is designed for Haredi women who want to earn a degree in the fields of computer engineering, computer science, managerial accounting and information systems.

Campus Tal

There are more female engineering students at JCT than at any other engineering school in the country!

Ethiopian Program

135 Ethiopian students are currently studying at JCT. 99% of the program’s graduates are employed.

Industrial Management

The School of Industrial Management is comprised of programs in Accounting, Information Systems, Technology Management, Marketing, and an MBA program.

International English Speakers’ Program

The International English Speakers’ Program at Machon Lev allows English speaking students the opportunity to optimize their post high school yeshiva experience by combining it with academic pursuits.

JCT and the IDF

The vast majority of JCT students serve or have served in the IDF and most Nachal IDF soldiers attend JCT.

Machon Naveh

Machon Naveh provides Haredi men the option of studying for an academic degree while continuing their high level Yeshiva studies.


At any given time cutting edge scientific research is taking place at JCT in its 5 Research Centers. Our students are given opportunities to learn about bringing a project from an idea to reality.

School of Engineering

JCT is one of Israel’s main accredited engineering schools and is recognized by the Council of Higher Education for offering a comprehensive and competitive engineering program.

School of Life & Health Sciences (School of Nursing)

Recognizing the shortage of qualified nurses in Israel, the Council of Higher Education approached the JCT to create a nursing school under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and help improve Israel’s health care sector.