Canadian Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology has supported JCT since its inception over 50 years ago.

CFJCT is an incorporated non-profit under Canadian law which issues tax receipts for all donations made in Canada. Under our agency agreement with JCT Israel, funds are sent to Israel to support the vital work of the college.

Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) is a unique and major Israeli academic institution of higher learning – based in the heart of Jerusalem – specializing in the areas of high-tech engineering, electronics, business management, and life and health sciences.

JCT’s reputation and approach in integrating a Jewish education with high level academics has earned it a unique position among engineering schools worldwide, preparing students for Israel’s industrial and high-tech fields and turning out qualified professionals, well-trained in science and versed in Jewish heritage.

JCT Plays a Critical Role for Israel’s Economy- As one of Israel’s leading engineering and technology institutions, it plays a critical role in building Israel’s economy.JCT’s graduates have gone on to found over sixty high-tech companies and its graduates are leaders in their respective fields.

JCT’s Unique Diversity & Outreach To Multiple Sectors of Israeli Jewry – JCT also attracts and trains a decidedly diverse student body, with students from all areas of Israel and many sectors of Israeli society. Indeed, it is JCT’s unique mix that enables it to attract many men and women who may otherwise not be capable of or interested in pursuing a high-level technology education.

CFJCT Board of Directors

Abe Edery
Mark Frischman
Jerry Klasner
Larry Krauss, President CFJCT
Dr. Avi Orner
Robert S. Reichmann
Judith Shamian
Larry Zeifman
Simmy Zieleniec, CEO CFJCT