Special programs

​Our Unique Programs Cater to Many Sectors Within Israeli Society
The Atudai Program (IDF Academic Reserve) was designed for students who choose to defer their IDF service in order to complete their academic studies at JCT first and then with their learned skills serve in the army as trained high-tech and engineering professionals.
JCT empowers young Ethiopian men and women to improve their lives by enabling them to earn an academic degree and pursue careers in high-tech, business and the IDF. 
Designed to meet the specific requirements of the Haredi community, JCT's degree programs provide Haredi men with the opportunity to pursue an academic degree in combination with in-depth Torah study.
The majority of students in JCT's pre-academic program are from Haredi and Ethiopian communities. Many are married with families of their own to support and face considerable financial stress.
The International Program in English offers students the opportunity to obtain a prestigious academic degree, coupled with immersive Torah study.