About JCT

Founded in 1969, the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) is one of Israel’s major academic institutions with over 5,000 students on three campuses.

The College specializes in high-tech engineering, industrial management, business administration and life and health sciences. JCT’s mission is to produce highly skilled professionals for Israel’s rapidly developing industries who possess a strong commitment to Jewish values, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel. Dedicated to strengthening Jerusalem and responding to Israel’s socio-economic needs, JCT empowers diverse segments of Israeli society — who would otherwise not have access to higher education — to become contributing members of Israel’s workforce.

For 50 years, JCT’s advanced academic leadership, high ethical and professional standards, innovative programs, and distinct emphasis on practical applied skills have earned the College international recognition for excellence. The College’s research and development efforts have led to major advances in fields ranging from cyber security to medical technology to driving safety. JCT alumni and faculty have spearheaded projects critical to Israel’s national security and have received prestigious awards from the IDF Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Defense. More than 100 high-tech companies have been established by JCT graduates, including some of the largest technology startups in Jerusalem such as NDS (which was bought out by Cisco), Ophir Optronics, and Civan, among others.


  • Israel’s top defense prizes have repeatedly been awarded to alumni by the IDF Chief of Staff & Defense Minister






Today, JCT is

  • Building an outstanding college with state-of-the-art facilities


  • Addressing the major social and economic challenges facing Israel today


  • Strengthening the international Jewish community and the State of Israel


  • Forging the future leaders of the Jewish democratic nation