Industrial Management

The School of Industrial Management is comprised of programs in Accounting, Information Systems, Technology Management, Marketing, and an MBA program.

Accounting and Business Systems

In today’s fast-changing world and shrinking global market, scientific technology and information are increasingly valuable and vital. Therefore, there is a greater need for qualified accountants to ensure proper auditing and support for businesses. The Accounting and Information System Program trains students in these fields, giving them a broad spectrum of tools and information, both theoretical and practical, that help them in general management, accounting, tax consulting, informational technology and many other business fields.

A degree is conferred after three years in the program. The program also offers a supplementary year in which the student can begin an internship in accounting and prepare for the final two remaining exams of the Council of Accountants. Upon completing the internship and the exams, students receive a license as Certified Public Accountants (CPA –Israel).

Technology, Management and Marketing

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully undertake management, marketing and finance positions in a wide variety of organizations in the Israeli economy. Throughout the course of study, emphasis is placed on the development of an analytical and creative mind, teamwork, and teaching skills necessary to successfully run a business enterprise.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) Program

This objective of this two year, advanced degree program, is to prepare its graduates for senior management positions in the fields of information technology management, technology management and entrepreneurship, finance and financial management, engineering management and general management. JCT’s MBA program is one of the leading MBA programs in Israel. Its graduates are highly recognized for their excellence in entrepreneurship, technology, information systems, and business ethics. Using both academic and Judaic sources to teach business ethics, JCT distinguishes its graduates from other Israeli MBA recipients.

The MBA Program offers the following specialization tracks:

  • Information Systems Management
  • Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Financial Management
  • General Management