International English Speakers’ Program

Campus Lev offers students a unique combination of high level science, engineering and advanced Judaic Studies courses.

The international english speakers’ program at machon lev allows english speaking students the opportunity to optimize their post high school yeshiva experience by combining it with academic pursuits.

This unique program offers young men and women the viable opportunity to live and study Torah in Israel while pursuing a prestigious academic degree in Computer Science or Business Administration in English. On par with JCT’s Hebrew-speaking programs, the International Program offers a comprehensive dual curriculum that combines high level academic studies, enriching Jewish studies and practical professional training.

Following three critically formative and intensive years of study, students emerge prepared not only to embark on successful career paths but also thriving life paths that maintain an abiding fidelity to Torah and Israel. JCT’s highly respected nationwide reputation helps open doors for new graduates. A dedicated College staff makes personal efforts to introduce students to potential employers through a wide network of alumni and professional connections, which often lead to key entry opportunities in students’ fields.

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​Our Unique Programs Cater to Many Sectors
Within Israeli Society
Degree Program Many English speaking students want to pursue a college education in Israel, yet may need assistance with the Hebrew language. In addition, they would like to remain in a religious environment and continue their Torah studies as well. JCT’s Freshman Year in English Program allows these students to fully integrate into JCT by giving them the opportunity to study their first year of classes in English, as well as attend an intensive Hebrew Ulpan. The Freshman Year in English has outstanding faculty, an academic help center with experienced tutors, and text translations available for tests in Hebrew. This, coupled with the Ulpan, will hopefully prepare students with the necessary Hebrew skills to grasp classes taught in Hebrew.

By the second year of study, most students are able to continue the rest of their studies in Hebrew. The Freshman Year in English Program has an outstanding faculty who serve as mentors to their students. In the second year of study, students “graduate” to the regular Hebrew language program.