The International Program in English for Men

The International Program in English offers students the opportunity to obtain a prestigious academic degree, coupled with immersive Torah study.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science

The world of computers is synonymous with fast-paced development and change. Computers have practical use in almost every aspect of our lives, including industry, commerce, and medicine.

The Computer Science Department offers a B.S. degree. This area of study provides students with a basic understanding of computer programming, computer basics, the structure of the computer, its operating systems and hardware, and inter-computer communications.

The Department of Computer Science is certified by the Israel Office of Information Systems Analysts.

Department Head: Dr. Dan Bouhnik

Course Structure

During 3 years of study students must accumulate 120 credits composed of required courses and electives.

Required Courses

Calculus I, II for Engineers, Linear Algebra I, II, Differential Equations, Finite Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Principles of Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science(Lecture+Lab), Introduction to Computer Communication, Data Structures, Workshop in C++, Analysis of Algorithms, Logic & Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Computability and Computational Complexity, Automata & Formal Languages, Compilers & Interpreters

Software and Systems Engineering: Digital Systems, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Database Systems and Mini-Project, Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Design and Mini-Project


Classes meet 4 days a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) in the afternoons during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Yeshiva learning takes place in the mornings.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration

The Business Administration curriculum is modeled on programs developed in leading universities around the world, and combines studies in management and marketing with a background in technology. The curriculum incorporates both lectures and practical research projects which challenge students to apply their knowledge to real life situations. Graduates from the program have acquired leading positions in the business and high-tech sectors, both in Israel and abroad.  In addition, many graduates continue their studies towards advanced academic degrees.

Department Head: Dr. Yossi Tobol

Course Structure

During 3 years of study students must accumulate 130 credits composed of required courses and electives.

Required Courses

Math, Probability and Statistics for Business Administration, Computer Applications in Management, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting for Business Administration, Principles of Finance, Business Law, Commercial Law, Introduction to Micro-Economics, Introduction to Macro-Economics, English for Business Management, Business Ethics, Economy of Israel

Information Systems: Introduction to Information Systems for Accountants, Advanced Computer Applications for Accounting, Business Intelligence, Sales Strategies

Marketing: Marketing Management, Research Methods for Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Sales Strategies

Management: Principles of Management, Operational Research for Business Management, Human Resources Administration, Organizational Behavior

Finance: Analysis of Financial Reports for Business Management, Fiscal and Monetary Policy in an Open Economy, Advanced Issues in Finance

Integrated Courses: Business Strategy, Business Strategy and Imperfect Competition Seminar – Product Forecasting and Innovation, Entrepreneurship I, Intern Project, Final Project


We now offer this program in a “concentrated” format – just a day and a half of studies per week (Tuesday afternoons and evenings, and Friday mornings) during the fall, spring, and summer semesters with limited online courses. This framework allows students to spend the majority of their time in a Yeshiva program, while working towards their degree.