Two thirds of Haredi students in the Computer Sciences study at JCT

New data from the Council for Higher Education (CHE) shows , that 1,000 Haredim studied computer science in 2017. Two thirds studied at JCT.

According to data from the Council for Higher Education (CHE) published here for the first time, there has been a sharp increase in the number of Haredim studying computer science and software engineering: approximately 1,100 students studied these subjects in 2017, an increase of 125% compared to 2013. These numbers represent 7% of the 16,000 students studying towards degrees in computer science in Israel. 

For the sake of comparison, the total number of students rose by 23% since 2013, when the Haredi students constituted only 4% of all students.

According to the Central Bureau for Statistics, 85% of Haredi students studied in gender separated environments or in the Open University, which requires minimal attendance. Among those studying computer science and software engineering, approximately two thirds study at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center, which combines academic studies and Torah studies. 150 additional students are studying at the Azrieli College and a handful study in Universities.

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