Third Annual Physics Olympics at JCT

Over 100 competitors vied for 1st place in the Physics Olympics held at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) in Jerusalem. “Curiosity is the foundation from which the world’s leading researchers emerged.”

3 January 2016, (translated from the original by Chezki Ezra [])

The finals of the third annual “Physics Olympics”, Physics Olympics of the State-Religious Education Board, took place today (Sunday).

The winners were announced during celebratory ceremonies, where their answers to various problems solved throughout the competition were presented visually to the crowd.


Eden Rachel Matat, 1st place winner, alongside her mother, Eti Stern – Head of Tal Campus,Dr. Avi Karsenty, Rav Dr. Avi Karsenty Chair of the Physics/Electro-Optics Department

The competition included 100 participants, male and female, grades 11th-12th, from dozens of educational institutions throughout the country, who will be taking the matriculation exam in Physics (5 points). The winners received an academic scholarship for one year of studies at the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center.


And the winners are:

Tal Campus (women)

1st place: Eden Rachel Matat from Netiv, Rishon Lezion

2nd place: Rachel Bonen from Ulpanat Harel, Nahariah

3rd place: Maya Ben Simol from Ulpanat Tzvia, Ma’alot


Lev Campus (men)

1st place: Elad Magad from Kiryat Herzog, Bnei Brak

2nd place: Yahel Ben Yahalom from Yeshivat Torah U’Mada (adjacent to the Jerusalem College of Technology)

3rd place: Ariel Gorenstein from Mekif Amit, Be’er Sheva


During the competition, students were questioned on various subjects including, inter alia, gravity, kinetics, dynamics, and mechanical energy.

The competition was overseen by Head of Lev’s Department for Electronic Engineering, Dr. Yevgeniy Frishman.

One of the goals of the competition is to nurture excellence among students in the State-Religious Institutions throughout Israel and to encourage them to aim for success and develop their thought processes and their abilities, aiming towards academic studies in Israel’s leading academic institutions.

As in every year, as part of the competition’s events, contestants and their families participated in a “Science Day” at JCT.

Dr. Tzvika Arika from the Ministry of Education stated: “Curiosity, which you have in abundance, is the foundation from which the world’s leading researchers emerged. The desire to know and understand the world is what makes the State of Israel a ‘Startup Nation’.”

Prof. Shlomo Engelberg, Dean of the Engineering Faculty at JCT, complimented participants by saying “the challenges facing Israel demand original and creative thinking, in addition to high analytical abilities. Israel and the Israeli workforce are lucky to have students like you.”