The Jerusalem College Of Technology Is An Agent Of Change Within Israeli Society

A recent survey of all universities in Israel reports that more than 17% of the JCT student body grew up in the three lowest rated socio-economic regions in Israel. This is the highest percentage of underprivileged students within any university in Israel.

The survey executed by the Department of Education, is based on several factors, one of the main factors being the gross incomeof men and women in every region. Not included in the study are Olim (new immigrants to Israel) who finished high-school overseas, and students who did not finish their high-school studies in a recognized Israeli high-school  which include virtually all Israeli Haredim.   Since 1/3 of JCT’s students grew up in Haredi homes, and that JCT has a large enrollment of Ethiopian Olim, the percentage of underprivileged students is greater than the numbers revealed in the study.

JCT accepts this responsibility willingly.  We know that young men and women, who despite growing up in communities where higher education is not part of the norm, are determined to learn and achieve make some of our best and successful students.  JCT specializes in preparing students for college level studies, taking the time and resources to teach them basic study and writing skills before they enter mainstream classes.  We know from the job offers these students receive, how they are recruited by special departments of the IDF, and from the joy on the faces of their parents and grandparents at graduation that this is one of the best investments JCT can make.

When you provide a scholarship or fellowship for a JCT student, your support helps the student, their family, and Israeli society.