Student Day 2014 – a Night of Comedy and Magic at JCT

Lev Campus celebrated Student Day with comedian Uri Hizkiya, illusionist Nir Haimovich and a variety of exciting activities

Student Day 2014

a Night of Comedy and Magic at JCT

On Tuesday, May 20th, students of the Lev Campus at JCT celebrated Student Day with comedian Uri Hizkiya and illusionist Nir Haimovich.  “The crowd was great, it’s been a while since I had this much fun,” said HIzkiya post-performance.

The event included a variety of activities including a zip-line, a mechanical bull, inflatables, a book fair, food and clothing stands and more.  The night activities were kicked-off by Dean of Students, Rabbi Michael Sultan, who praised the Student Union for their activities throughout the year. Following the Dean was Student Union Chairman, Razi ben-Zion, who awarded students with honorary certificates for outstanding social activities.


Tal Cohen, Student Union Director General stated, “We will continue to host high-quality cultural events on campus. The last year included many varied and quality cultural events, culminating in tonight’s activities.”

The event was completely separate for married and single students and according to Student Union Representative, Yehonatan Ashush, “we worked hard to ensure that the content of the evening would be appropriate for the various populations at JCT, and I am very pleased that we succeeded in doing so.”