Prominent JCT Alumnus Meets With Business Leaders

A group of friends of JCT and investors in technology research gathered in Manhattan to hear from Dr. Dov Rubin, JCT alumnus and member of the Board of Directors.

Dov is President and CEO of Itamar Medical Ltd and Co-Founder of NDS, a company which was acquired by Cisco in March of 2012 for 5 billion dollars.  Also attending was Stuart Hershkowitz, Senior Advisor to JCT’s President, and Larry Krauss, President of the Canadian Friends of JCT.

Dov spoke fondly of his years at JCT and the quality of education that he received.  His JCT credentials were readily accepted by choice graduate schools in the United States, and when it came time to build the team at NDS, Dov and his partners were confident that JCT graduates would have the knowledge, skills and integrity to make the company successful.  More than 150 JCT graduates work or have worked for NDS, and he continues to hire JCT alumni as he develops Itamar.

This was the first in a series of meetings with JCT alumni, faculty and Trustees that will take place throughout the United States and Canada.