Pessach Event for Graduates of JCT

The event included produce picking, a happening and a performance.

Pessach Event for Graduates of JCT

On Thursday, 17 April 2014, a unique event was held on the Hatov VeHaMeitiv Field, located near Rehovot. The event for JCT graduates included turnip picking, an evenful happening with inflatables and a performance by famous children entertainment duo, Asi and Tuvia.

The event participated close to 1,200, parents and children. The Hatov VeHameitiv Field, which serves for growing vegetables and fruits, which are donated to the needy throughout Israel. The field is run by the Leket Israel Foundation, which is the largest food bank and food saving organization in Israel. The produce that was picked during the event will be divided amongst foundations and organizations that support the needed at at-risk children, who receive food from the organization on a regular basis.

The event is the first, but definitely not the last, of its kind and was deisgned to create a connected between the various classes of JCT graduates. The event was born due to the fact that the graduates are highly important to the institution and we wish to invest in our relationship with them. We hope to hold many more events and conferences where graduates can come, have fun, meet long lost friends and feel like a part of thie academic institution, which is really just one big family.