New research center on Tal campus

The generous support of the Canadian Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology will help further the development of research activities

This week, a new research center was established on the Tal campus, donated by the Canadian Friends of JCT. Participating at the event were JCT’s executive management and representatives of the Canadian Friends of JCT, Mr. Larry Zeifman and Dr. Judith Shamian as well as Tal Campus academic-research faculty members. The new complex is designed to serve the researchers and to provide a platform for the advancement of research in various fields.

“I thank the Friends of Lev Academic Center in Canada for their generous donation, which aims to advance the development of research carried out by researchers at Tal campus,” said Prof. Chaim Sukenik, President of the Lev Academic Center. “The new complex is a pleasant and welcoming space, mainly for researchers, but of course also for any students who would wish to join them. This place will serve them for research in the fields of health, economy and technology, often held in cooperation with leading bodies and academic or research institutions in Israel and overseas.”

“The undertaking of research provides the researcher who is engaged in academic teaching an added value that benefits the students,” said Dr. Judith Shamian, JCT Board of Trustees member and a representative of the Canadian Friends of JCT organization. “Therefore, in addition to the knowledge the students will acquire through their studies, they will be able to join the research pursuit/activities and see how they are able to affect and contribute in their field. In addition, the practice of research may inspire them to continue to advance in the field, and the State of Israel will gain more Orthodox female scientists.”