MK Arel Margalit Visted JCT

MK Erel Margalit praises JCT for Haredi Accelerator Program

Hi-tech and Capital Funds entrepreneur MK Erel Margalit from the Labor (Ha’avoda) party, visited the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center as a guest of JCT’s President, Prof. Chaim Sukenik. MK Margalit stated that he was very impressed with the trailblazing activities and research conducted by JCT’s staff and students. He was especially pleased to learn of JCT’s part in the integration of the Haredi sector into academia and the industry and in particular with JCT’s Yazam Ba’Lev program, a hi-tech accelerator program optimized for the Haredi sector, recently opened at JCT, which provides members of the religious and Haredi communities with the necessary tools to develop ideas into products and start-ups.