Lustig Campus Hackathon

In early December, JCT’s Lustig Campus in collaboration with Microsoft, Kamatech (an organization for integrating Haredim into hi-tech) held a hackathon (technology marathon) for Haredi women at WeWork in Tel Aviv.

The challenge presented to participants related to smartphone photography and was based upon research performed at JCT, wherein students found that men keep more than 900 photos in their smartphones, however women have over 1,700.

The judges included, inter alia, Yoram Yaacovi, General Manager of R&D at Microsoft, Israel; Merav Davidson, CTO of Research and Development and Dr. Limor Lahiani, Head of Technological Collaborations also at Microsoft, Israel, Prof. Chaim Sukenik, President of JCT, and Dr. Aryeh Teitelbaum, Academic Head of Lustig Campus.