JCT Welcomes MKs Orna Barbavai and Moshe Tor Paz

In an effort to integrate Haredim into high-tech in Israel, Orna Barbavai, Economic Minister and MK Moshe Tor Paz met today at The Jerusalem College of Technology to define a number of goals in the area of empolyment, including integration of Haredim in the labor market

During the visit and the meeting with the institution’s management, they spoke with ultra-Orthodox students who shared with them the difficulties they faced throughout their studies. The students said that in addition for the need of financial support, they also need professional and academic support that aims to help the ultra-Orthodox student successfully complete their academic programs.

During the visit, Minister of Economy Orna Barbibai noted: “The starting point of an ultra-Orthodox student tends to lag behind that of their secular peers due to a lack of knowledge in the core subjects”. By providing these men and women with academic training in high-tech and cyber professions at a level of excellence, sets the foundation for a more equal playing field and the opprtunity to earn a decent livelihood.

MK Moshe (Kinly) Tor-Paz: “The integration of the ultra-Orthodox public in Israeli society and economy is an urgent national task for the economic strength of the state. I intend to work with the Minister of Economy to help promote the various programs run by the Lev Academic Center, an institution that allows ultra-Orthodox students to acquire higher education in an environment adapted to their worldview and lifestyles”.