JCT students continue to National Insurance Institute Division for Terror Victims

JCT Students Develop System for Israel’s National Insurance Institute Division for Terror Victims

The system, developed by two students at JCT’s Tal Campus, oversees management of information related to victims of terrorist attacks.

The Division for Victims of Terrorist Attacks of the National Insurance Institute recently implemented an information management system developed by Kinneret Bouhadana and Osnat Dreyfus, students at JCT’s Tal Campus. Both students, who recently made aliya from France, developed the system as part of their studies towards an engineering degree at JCT.

During their Software Engineering studies, students chose projects and faced unusual challenges. “Last year we selected a final project from a number of options, one of which was the BI project for the National Insurance Institute,” said Bouhadana. “I hadn’t been introduced to the subject during my studies and I decided that it was worth studying, but I needed to fill in some gaps.”


The students with representatives of the National Insurance Institute Division for Terror Victims

As part of a joint initiative between Mia Computers, representative of SAS Israel, and Tal Campus, they met with Michael Klein, Manager of the National Insurance Information Center Unit, who explained the organization’s needs. After Mia Computers provided the students with SAS software training, the project got underway.

It encompassed the design and implementation of a Business Intelligence (BI) system from the ground up. Bouhadana and Dreyfus followed a specification document and over the past year they developed four areas of BI used by the National Insurance Division. The system handles all the information managed by the Division for Terror Victims. This includes data regarding where the attacks took place, the place of residence of the victims, etc. The new system prevents duplication of information and minimizes the possibility of error.

Miri Folk-Rosenbaum, Head of the Division for General Implementations in the National Insurance Institute, stated, “When Michael Klein presented me with the request from Tal Campus and Mia Computers to integrate students in projects, I saw a wonderful opportunity for the community to contribute to the National Insurance Institute, to encourage immigration and to benefit from it. The project was launched after receiving the blessing of CTO Yehuda Sarussi.”

Klein explained: “We lacked management information regarding victims of terrorist attacks. Thanks to this project, we now have this vital information. We were able to discover our errors in handling the data and correct them. This subject is very important and we have recently begun using the system in our daily work. In the future it will be integrated into the overall BI system of the National Insurance Institute.”

Folk-Rosenbaum added: “In light of this successful experience, other departments of the National Insurance Institute have expressed interest in expanding the project and bringing in more students from other fields, utilizing a variety of software tools.”

Eti Stern, Head of Campus Tal, emphasized that “The integration of students in the National Insurance Institute has greatly contributed to their professional experience, and we hope that it will lead to further cooperation on other projects.”

(Translated from an article that appeared in: http://www.pc.co.il/it-news/183295/)