JCT hosts 2014 Physics Olympics

For the second year running

The Finals for the Physics Olympics for Religious High-Schools were held on the 30th of December 2014 at JCT. The final portion of the competition participated 45 boys and 18 girls and was held separately for boys and girls on the Lev and Tal campuses respectively. Participants came from religious high-schools from across Israel.  

As part of the competition, contestants participated in fascinating lectures, visited JCT labs and enjoyed exciting demos of physics experiments. 

Rector, Prof. Kenneth Hochberg, congratulated the participants and announced the winners at Tal Campus, while Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Shlomo Engelberg, announced the winners at Lev Campus. 

1st places went to David Rimon from Yishivat Torah U’Mada, adjacent to JCT and Noa Winer from Ulpanat Ofra

The winners were awarded with a medal, a certificate in addition to the grand prizes – a full-ride scholarship (1st place) and a partial scholarship (2nd and 3rd place). All contestants received a participation certificate and a gift curtesy of the Department of Education. 

Teachers and participants were very pleased with the program, content and atmosphere of the contest and expressed interest in future collaboration.