JCT Holds Fifth Annual Mathematics Education Researchers’ Conference

The annual conference for Mathematics Education Researchers’ Conference took place at JCT in early March. Over 200 researchers and educators from around the world participated in the two day conference, which dealt with issues related to educational methods for mathematics.  Over the years the conference has become a meeting place for researchers to present their findings, initiate cooperation and has strengthened their sense of belonging to the research community.

“The most important thing in math is to develop analytical and creative thinking among the students,” said Prof. Noah Dana-Picard, President Emeritus of JCT and Chairman of Education, Mathematics and Judaism at JCT, and one of the initiators of the conference. He added, “Mathematics education is constantly evolving and adapting to the technological age. Exams from 10 years ago are not the same as those today and we must not make the same mistake as Europe by lowering the GPA in order to increase overall achievements.”