JCT Gives Back to Its Soldiers

Scholarships for participants of Operation Protective Edge

JCT Gives Back to Its Soldiers

On the evening of November 18th, a small ceremony was held on the JCT campus honoring 150 of our students who were called up to serve during Operation Tzuk Eitan (Protective Edge), almost all of which served in combat roles during the operation. Each received a certificate of appreciation and a 1,000 NIS cash gift.

During the event, Prof. Chaim Sukenik, President of JCT, spoke and praised theirmesirut nefesh.  On behalf of the students spoke a young officer who shared some of his thoughts and those of his 500 soldiers during the war. His words reflected a level of dedication, commitment and national pride that delivered a message that was incredibly inspiring.

We at JCT are deeply indebted and proud of all these men and wish to share that pride with others. In the face of recent tragedies, we need reminders of the dedication and mesirut nefesh that is an inseparable part of life in Israel.