It’s Official! JCT ranked first in integrating women

JCT Ranked First Place in Integrating Women into Computer Science

According to data compiled by the Council for Higher Education at the request of TheMarker, JCT recently ranked first among all higher education institutions in Israel  in the integration of women in the computer science field. 53% of the students in its computer sciences department are women, thus JCT leaves others far behind with 18% between us and Bar Ilan University and the Hadassah Academic, which tied for second place. Despite being a modest sized institution relative to the big universities, JCT has approximately the same number of computer science students as the Technion and its 543 students account for nearly a fifth of all female students studying in the field. This, combined with JCT’s placement rate of nearly 90%, puts us among the top producers of hi-tech professionals in Israel.

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