Introducing: Bioinformatics at JCT

Bioinformatics is an innovative field, which combines topics in the fields of Life Science and Computer Science, two fields experiencing constant growth and development.

JCT’s bioinformatics program is pioneering – preparing graduates for issues in contemporary research and applications.

  • Bioinformatics is being used to find solutions for halting the COVID-19 pandemic – starting from the diagnostic stage, to the identification of the virus and its mutations, and the development of vaccines and treatments.
  • Current bioinformatics students are working with Israel’s Ministry of Health, analyzing the genetic data of new variants of the Corona virus under the guidance of a JCT faculty member which has significant international interest from researchers.
  • Our graduates are in demand in academic institutions, in Israel and abroad, for further studies towards postgraduate degrees. Many of the graduates work in the bioinformatics industry and as programmers in the high-tech industry.
  • Our program is also exceptional at encouraging our students to collaborate with research groups during their bachelor studies. Many students participate in studies published in leading journals.
  • A lecturer in our program is a member of the research team at the Weizmann Institute, and a partner in an article published in ‘Science’.
  • A student in our bioinformatics program was involved in a collaborative study on the role of intracellular bacteria in human tumor microbiome.
  • A graduate student finished the BSC program with 7 published articles!

An important advantage of our bioinformatics program is the diverse career opportunities for graduates. In addition to working in industry and studying for postgraduate degrees, the program includes pre-medical courses, which allow graduates to continue to study medicine in other undergraduate programs.

Additionally, a pharmacology program has opened, in collaboration with the Hebrew University, which integrates pharmacology with the studies of bioinformatics.

110 students are studying the program on Tal Campus. Until now, the program took place on the women’s Tal campus exclusively.

JCT plans to open bioinformatics and pharmacology on the Lev Campus in the upcoming academic year.