International Marketing Firm, Tens Technology, Appoints JCT Graduate To CEO Position

Avishai Shraga is a recent graduate of JCT’s Technology Management and Marketing Department. Avishai chose to study at Machon Lev, turning down several other college acceptances, because he was about to be married and wanted to start this part of his life with an organized program blending Torah study and business.

At a conference for website promoters (Sphincom) held at JCT in 2010, Avishai met Roi Hildesheimer, one of the conference organizers, a JCT graduate , who was the CEO of Tens, an Israeli boutique company which specializes in Internet Search Engine Marketing for the U.S. market. Avishai succeeded in persuading Roi to let his team take Tens on as their final project.  After carrying out extensive research, they formulated a new marketing approach as well as tactics to implement their recommendations.

The guiding principle in formulating the strategy was that the strategic plan could be implemented within the constraints of the company’s budget, based on existing resources, using information discovered during the project, for creating a competitive advantage and uniqueness over competitors.

Having decided to move on after 5 1/2 years as head of Tens, Roi called Avishai and offered him the position Tens CEO.  Roi, having seen Avishai’s innovative marketing suggestions to respond to the downturn that started in 2008, recognized, that he understands the industry and after closely studying Tens, also possessed a comprehensive understanding of the company’s management. Today, as Tens’ CEO,  Avishai is focusing on the latest innovations in the field and being at the forefront of technology. “The world of technology is where opportunities arise, where changes are so fast that by the time you finish studying what is going on today, it is no longer relevant; we need to continually ask ourselves what will be relevant tomorrow – where do we want to be. It is not easy but it’s certainly rewarding,” says Avishai.

Avishai remains in close contact with his Rabbi, JCT Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Eliezer Elbaum, and considers it a real privilege to have been his student. He is also grateful for the experience and contacts he built up during his academic studies that has enabled him to embark on a very promising career path.