International Conference on Information Science at JCT

In July, JCT hosted the Insite Conference, a week-long international conference that brought over 100 researchers from around the world to the Lev Campus. The conference focused on information science and issues concerning information management, social media, big data, business information, and false information (mis-data).

Researchers came from 11 countries including the U.S., China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, India, South Africa, Vita, Bulgaria, Kenya and of course, Israel. Participants presented their current research and discussed the implications of information as a primary resource. As part of the conference, participants took a trip to Masada to learn about current research related to the Dead Sea.

Fourth-year JCT students from Industrial Engineering, Business Management and Computer Science departments presented samples of their final projects. The researchers from abroad were amazed by their projects and advised many JCT students to purse continued education in in master’s programs abroad.