First Physics Olympics for Religious High

The finals of the first Physics Olympics for religious high schools, initiated by JCT, were held late January on the Tal and Lev campuses. 3 boys and 3 girls beat out over 300 participants and won scholarships to study at JCT.

The Physics Olympics was held as part of the efforts of the Directory of the State-Religious Education in Israel, headed by Dr. Avraham Lipshitz, to strengthen excellence in education.  

The first stage of the competition, participated around 300 12th graders (male and female). The participants hailed from religious schools across Israel. Students were tested on subjects in the field of Physics such as: Dynamics, Kinematics, Gravity, Mechanical Energy and more.

The 85 students (57 boys and 28 girls) who answered the most questions correctly reached the Finals, which were held on the Jerusalem College of Technology’s (JCT) campuses (Lev for men and Tal for women). As part of the competition’s events, contestants and their families participated in a “Science Day” at JCT.

And the winners are:

 Tal Campus (women)

1st place: Elisheva Shirota from Ulpanat Bnei Akiva, Tel Aviv

2nd place: Shani Mashner from Ulpanat Bnei Akiva, Arad

3rd place: Joanna Bucharis from the Amit Kama School, Yeruham

Lev Campus (men)

1st place: Matan Dov from Bnei Akiva Yeshiva High School, Kiryat Herzog

2nd place: Asaf Akerman from Torah U’Mada Yeshiva (located next to JCT’s Lev Campus)

3rd place: Daniel Lapidot from Bnei Akiva Yeshiva High School, Kiryat Herzog

The competition was overseen by Head of Machon Lev’s Department for Electronic Engineering, Dr. Yevgeniy Frishman and the winners received scholarships for JCT’s Tal and Lev campuses.

Head of the State-Religious Education Directory, Dr. Avraham Lipshitz, on the event: “We set a goal for ourselves to strengthen the educational processes for all ages and in all fields, with a concentration on excellence…we aim to provide each student with the opportunity to maximize their abilities and aspirations.”