Father of Gaza hostage leads prayer vigil for victims of Hamas

Zvika Mor, the father of one of the Israelis kidnapped in Gaza, mourned Hamas’ death grip on the region in a massive prayer vigil hosted by The Jerusalem College of Technology on Thursday.

Speaking to the audience, he said, “We have not only 240 kidnapped Israelis, but 8 million kidnapped by Hamas who decides when all of us will be able to sleep peacefully at night. We need to be free people in our country – a country that should be free of shelters, weapons, border fences and an Iron Dome. It’s noble to die for our country, yes, but now is the time for our enemy to die for our country.”

The prayer and solidarity vigil held at The Jerusalem College of Technology was intended to pray for the safe return of the hostages and IDF soldiers, swift recovery for those injured, and for the ascent of the souls of those murdered by Hamas.

Attending the vigil were representatives of families of the hostages, hundreds of JCT students and Stuart Hershkowitz, former vice president of the school, who read the Daf Yomi.

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