Chinese academic delegation visits JCT

JCT had the pleasure of hosting senior officials from the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau.

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The purpose of the visit was to explore potential collaborations in technology and development between the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) and academic institutions in China.  Guests met with Vice President of JCT, Stuart Hershkowitz together with Tami Kfir, VP and Head of the Israel Office for the Chengdu-Israel Incubator.  The officials learned about the college’s 50 history as one of Israel’s leading academic institutions in science and technology as well as JCT’s flagship areas of research and development.  Delegation members visited JCT’s Beit Midrash and were excited to see the hundreds of students studying Talmud. 

One of the delegation members expressed his admiration: “This is something you don’t see anywhere else.  Full-time engineering students who also spend several hours a day studying a 1,500-year-old text in small print. China has no such thing.  I heard that studying the Talmud develops the brain and wonder if it helps students when they are immersed in their engineering and tech studies. “

Members of the delegation visited a number of different laboratories on campus, including JCT’s laser lab, which is recognized as one of the leading labs in the country.

Finally, members of the Chengdu delegation spoke about the Ministry of Science and Technology in Chengdu and expressed their desire to collaborate with the college in the future.