Business Insider names 3 Companies developed by JCT Students among “Hottest Israeli Startups of 2015”

Business Insider recently selected the top 27 Israeli-developed startups, three of which were established by former students of JCT and employ a high percentage of JCT graduates. The list includes Umoove (eye tracking software), Zutalabs (palm-sized printer), and Glide (live audio and video texting), all of which have enjoyed a great deal of media coverage over the past year.


unnamed-1Umoove: A face and eye-tracking software for any mobile device. No extra hardware needed. Just looking at the device can allow you to control it. It can be used for everything from diagnosing health problems by tracking eye movements to motion-control game controllers. Umoove has raised $3.4 million and has 14 employees.




Zutalabs: A tiny palm-sized printer. You put it on a piece of paper and it walks across the paper, printing words as it goes. The device went crazy on Kickstarter last year, raising $500,000 and has since raised an undisclosed investment from VCs. It also won Best of Innovation Award at CES 2015.The company now has 11 employees and the device is selling out via online orders. In 2016 the printer will be on sale with one of the leading retailers in the world.



Glide: an app that lets you send audio or video messages super fast. So fast that the person can hear your message before you even finish it. Glide crosses the boundaries between live chatting and off-line messages. And it’s all over Apple Watch already. The three-year-old Glide has 65 employees, has raised over $28 million and has about 20 million users worldwide.”


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