4th Annual Physics Olympics

he annual Physics Olympics were held at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center. Over 150 boys and girls from Yeshivas, Ulpanot and high schools competed, solving complicated problems. “Curiosity is the foundation from which the world’s leading researchers emerged.”

5th January, 2017 (translated from the original by Orlee Harrari [http://www.inn.co.il/])

Shaked Ezra, 1st place winner, Tal Campus Photo credit: Michael Arenburg

oday (Thursday), the Physics Olympics were held at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center, in collaboration with the State-Religious Education Board. The competition was held separately for men and women.

The winners were announced during celebratory ceremonies, where their solutions to various problems solved throughout the competition were presented visually to the crowd.

As part of the Physics Olympics activities, contestants participated in a “Science Day” held by JCT, attended physics lectures and tried their hands at JCT’s laboratories, after which the winners, who also received an academic scholarship for one year at JCT, were announced.

The competition included 150 participants, male and female, grades 11th-12th, from dozens of educational institutions throughout the country.

And the winners are:

Tal Campus (women)

1st place: Shaked Ezra from Ulpanat Horev

2nd place: Mevaseret Pitusi from Ulpanat Ofra

3rd place: Ayala Sinclaire from Pelech.

Lev Campus (men)

1st place: Eliya Finkelman from Yeshivat Torah U’Mada (adjacent to the Jerusalem College of Technology)

2nd place: Itai Azarya from AMIT, Be’er Sheva

3rd place: Shilo Kimovski from Kiryat Herzog High-School

The competition is part of the State-Religious Institutions’ activities to nurture excellence among students, grades 11th-12th, from dozens of educational institutions throughout the country, who will be taking the matriculation exam in Physics (5 points).

During the competition, which was headed by the Head of the Electronic Engineering Faculty at the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center, students were questioned on various subjects including, inter alia, gravity, kinetics, dynamics, and mechanical energy.

President of JCT, Prof. Chaim Sukenik, congratulated the winners: “The next generation of science professionals is growing and we are happy to lead academic excellence among the young generation of the religious-Zionist community, who will integrate into the industry, and lead the industry in the coming years. Cultivating the next generation will enable the State of Israel, the Start-Up Nation, to continue to lead the world in the science, engineering and high-tech fields.”

JCT’s Rector, Prof. Kenneth Hochberg, stated: “We promote the study of science and engineering among the religious population in all of our campuses. The study of science and engineering is crucial for Israel. We help our students develop the abilities to analyze and solve scientific and technological problems. Today’s youth will be at the forefront of the high-tech industry in the coming years and will lead to the development and prosperity of the country.”

Eti Stern, Head of Tal Campus, expressed her satisfaction for the Physics Olympics: “The religious girls, the next generation, are making breakthroughs in the field of engineering and technology. Religious girls from across the country come here to compete in the Physics Olympics, reaching great achievements, and constantly and consistently surprise us with their ability to handle complex and challenging questions in the fields of physics and science. Every year we train hundreds of religious female engineers in the fields of computer engineering, bioinformatics, and industrial management, who enter the industry and contribute to the advancement of their chosen fields.”

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