21 Annual Torah and Science Conference at JCT

Nobel Laureate, Israel Uman, receieved the Illustrious Lev Award

Prof. Uman Receiving the Lev Award from Prof. Noah Dana- Picard, President Emeritus of JCT

  21 Annual Torah and Science Conference at JCT

Before Pessach, the 21st Annual Conference for Torah and Science was held at JCT. The Conference, initiated by JCT, Bar-Ilan University and Yeshiva University, has become a pillar of all Torah-Science related content in Israel.

The conference concentrated on the meld between Toranic and Scientific knowledge in various fields of Science, from Earth and Technology sciences, to Sociology and Humanities, and its effects on everyday life. During the conference, 4 parallel sessions were held, including 24 lectures on various subjects – Food in Halacha, Applying Halacha in this day and age, History, Judaism and Mathematics, Thought, Study and Management.  Publications by leading researchers in the field were presented during the conference.

During the conference, the Lev Award, in memory of Prof. Ze’ev Lev z”l, founder of JCT, was presented to Nobel Laureate, Israel Uman. The Lev Award is awarded every three years by JCT.  This is the fourth time that the award has been presented prominent lifetime contribution to Torah Im Derech Eretz. This year, the award committee, comprised of JCT representatives and representatives of the Lev family, decided to present the award to Prof. Uman.