Woman of Valor Fund

תְּנוּ־לָהּ מִפְּרִי יָדֶיהָ וִיהַלְלוּהָ בַשְּׁעָרִים מַעֲשֶׂיהָ

Render her the fruit of her hands [i.e., the reward of her works], and let her deeds extol her in the [city] gates. Proverbs 31:31 מִשְׁלֵי גא:גא

The Canadian Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology (CFJCT) supports Jerusalem College of Technology’s mandate for advancing Jewish values and technology for Israel’s future with fundraising, awareness, and engagement. This fall our אשת חיל / Woman of Valour will enable Canadians to donate money to JCT in two ways. First, a scholarship and stipend fund for female engineering and computer science students. Second, a fund contribution option for the LevTech Entrepreneurial Center at the Tal Campus. Both can enable donors to pay tribute to the women in their lives and for blessings in their merit during the יום נריאם / high holidays.

תְּנוּ־לָהּ מִפְּרִי יָדֶיהָ וִיהַלְלוּהָ בַשְּׁעָרִים מַעֲשֶׂיהָ

Engineering and Computer Science at the Campus Tal

Today there are over 2,000 women on JCT’s various campuses, including 1,300 from the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) community and an additional 50 women from the Ethiopian community. 550 Women are engaged in Engineering and Computer Science studies in Engineering, Electro optics Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering Management, Software Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering, and Computer Science tracks. Graduates of JCT’s women’s programs are working in high-tech, security, defence and financial companies such as Cisco, Amdocs, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elta, Bank Mizrachi, KPMG, Intel and others. The recent announcement of the new “Campus Tal” project at the Lev Academic Center, will be the world’s largest academic campus for engineering and computer science studies for religious and ultra-Orthodox women strongly signal that long-term commitment.

LevTech at the Campus Tal

The new LevTech program specializes in teaching people to think innovatively, ‘out-of-the-box’ to create unprecedented opportunities for these men and women to enter this ecosystem as entrepreneurs and industry leaders. LevTech has the power to impact a far-reaching paradigm shift in the Orthodox and Haredi communities by altering the way participants’ value their capabilities and perceive their role in the workplace. The goal is to teach them to think innovatively an investment that will continue to impact Israel’s socio-economic future and the economic future of their communities.

LevTech programs include LAB Pre-Accelerator, Mentoring, HUB, Hackathons, Entre to Entrepreneurship seminars, and Sandbox. Graduates of LevTech programs will see themselves as leaders and innovators capable of creating their products, establishing their start-ups or working as entrepreneurial leaders in industry and their communities.

How can you contribute in Fall, 2019?

JCT leadership has asked us to help expand scholarship and stipend programs for engineering and computer science programs for women in specific and help grow the new The LevTech Entrepreneurship program.

Scholarships and Stipends for Women in Engineering and Computer Science

  • Excellence Scholarship $1,000
  • Partial Student Scholarship $2,500
  • Full Tuition Scholarship $5,000
  • Scholarship plus living stipend for needy students $6,000
  • 10 Year Named Scholarship Fund $25,000

LevTech Entrepreneurial Center Opportunities

  • Naming of LevTech Innovation Center Headquarters Building $1,000,000
  • Naming - Expansion of Women’s LevTech programs, staff and resources $400,000
  • Naming - The Sandbox, a dedicated space for the development of new healthcare, security and other technologies. $300,000
  • Entrée to Entrepreneurship Program – NEW – 1-year sponsorship $80,000
  • Conference Room $50,000
  • Work Hub (4 Workstations) $18,000
  • Hackathon Sponsorship $10,000
  • Workstation $5,000

For major donations or additional information contact: Simmy Zieleniec, CEO, Canadian Friends of Jerusalem College of Technology, Tel: (416) 787-7565, Email: info@cfjct.org.