JCT Over Time

1969 – JCT Founded by Prof Ze’ev Lev with 20 male students studying engineering

1973-JCT moves to permanent home in Givat Mordachai, Jerusalem

1994- Machon Lev named in honor of Prof. Lev, developing into a major resource for Israel’s high-tech industry through its graduates and its applied research

1998-Government of Israel calls for increased involvement of women in high-tech

1999- JCT takes up the challenge and applies to the Israel Council of Higher Education to establish a women’s program

2000- Israel Council of Higher Education approves JCT opening a women’s program

2002- First graduating class from Campus Tal

2006- Nursing School opens at Campus Tal

2013- Over 1000 graduates from Campus Tal

Jerusalem Day 2013-Prime Minister Binyamin Nethanyahu announces the government decision to allocated 24 dunams of land to the Jerusalem College of Technology for the building of a campus for Campus Tal

2013/2014- Over 1700 students studying at Campus Tal

2014- JCT has been given the Israel Land Authority of land in Emek Zion