At any given time cutting edge scientific research is taking place at JCT in its 5 Research Centers. Our students are given opportunities to learn about bringing a project from an idea to reality.

researchThe faculty, students and alumni of JCT are all heavily involved in research and development, using technology to create new methods, products and solutions.  There are several startups on the campus staffed by JCT lecturers, professors, graduates and even some outsiders.  JCT graduates make significant contributions to the scientific community as well as the economic development of Israel.  Over sixty high tech companies have been started by its graduates, who then either hire students or other graduates to continue the work.  Students and graduates contribute advancements of research in the fields of medicine, genetics, cancer, solar energy and the military.

The faculty is grouped in five active research groups:

  • Medical Physics, Bio-Informatics and Bio-technology
  • Electro-Optics, Optical Communication and Telecommunication
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Problem Modelization and Applied Mathematics
  • Technological Management Research