JCT Offers Scholarships for Combat Soldiers

JCT gives back to its students who fight to protect!

JCT Offers Scholarships for Combat Soldiers

In these difficult times, when Israel is battling a cruel and ferocious enemy, who is committed to the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people at all cost, we seek to express our thanks, and give back to those who work tirelessly to protect us. 

Several hundred of JCT’s students, staff and graduates have been called up to defend our country – fighting in Israel’s top elite and reserve units. They join those among our former students working round-the-clock to operate and improve our missile defense and cyber systems. We pray for their success and safe return home.

As our new academic year approaches with the opening, we plan to offer a special scholarship to all students who have served in combat roles during the current operation in recognition of their brave service on our behalf. This is both a token of our appreciation and a recognition that for many of them life has been anything but normal and funds they had anticipated to use to pay tuition are no longer available to them

Contribution to JCT’s Combat Student Scholarship Fund can be made online or donated through any of the addresses below. Your generous gift will be greatly appreciated.

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