JCT graduate to head Satellite Unit at Ministry of Defense

Lt. Gen.(Res.) Yoni Rabinovitch, the former head of the Department of Electro-Optics at MAFAT (the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure), has been appointed Deputy Manager of the Space Administration and Head of the Satellite Unit of the Ministry of Defense.

MAFAT chose JCT as the most natural environment to hold a farewell event for Yoni, the place where he began his professional path. JCT’s Electro-Optics Faculty was delighted to host the farewell ceremony which was attended by family, senior representatives from JCT and officers from MAFAT, which is comprised of 50% JCT graduates.

As Yoni noted in his farewell speech: “the fact that our department is comprised of 50% JCT graduates, while the rest are from a large array of academic institutions in Israel, shows JCT’s strength and is a badge of honor for the Institution. The faculty continuously produces excellent engineers for leading and prestigious positions in defense.”

Rabbi Dr. Avi Karsenty with  Mr. Yoni Rabinovitch

Yoni, who graduated JCT in 1982, was responsible for electro-optic research and development at MAFAT for over two decades. Every advanced technological military development based on electro-optics was under his authority. The Electro-Optics Department at MAFAT is considered to be one of the most prestigious and essential departments at the Ministry of Defense, and has thus far been awarded four Israel Defense Prizes, and three of its personnel hold the IDF Chief of Staff’s Technology Decoration.

JCT Electro-Optics Faculty head, Rabbi Dr. Avi Karsenty stated that The Faculty of Electro-Optics at JCT has become a natural base for embarking on successful careers in Defense and Hi-Tech industries. With the help of generous donations over recent years, JCT has invested significant funds in additional research laboratories which has also led to the Council for Higher Education’s recent approval of an MSc program in Electro-Optics.