Prof. Michael Bank Wants to Change the Face of Electricity

Electricity in Israel is currently supplied through three to four cables. This is the standard practice worldwide. Prof. Michael Bank, a researcher and lecturer at JCT claims that he has developed a new method for transferring electricity through a single wire. “This is extremely significant for the country and consumer,” he explains. “This method is […]

Tal Campus – the leading Nursing Program in Israel

says Israel Hayom Tal Campus of the Jerusalem College of Technology is the leading Nursing Program in the country, with all of its graduates successfully passing the exam with an average grade of 82. Among the graduates were also 24 students from the first class of the Ariel University Nursing Department. For the full translated […]

Attitude towards academia is changing in the Haredi community

The attitude towards academia is changing in the Haredi community Two JCT graduates examined the Haredi sector’s opinion regarding higher education and found that they differ siginifcantly from that of Haredi leadership, who just this January called thousands of Haredi women to an emergency conference against academia, as well as the opinions previously prevelent in the sector. 62% of those […]

It’s Official! JCT ranked first in integrating women

JCT Ranked First Place in Integrating Women into Computer Science According to data compiled by the Council for Higher Education at the request of TheMarker, JCT recently ranked first among all higher education institutions in Israel  in the integration of women in the computer science field. 53% of the students in its computer sciences department are women, […]

Tal Campus Groundbreaking Event

“This Heralds the Strategic Vision for the city of Jerusalem for the Next 50 Years” So said Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat at the opening of the Jerusalem Day events, during the groundbreaking of the “Campus Tal” project at the Jerusalem College of Technology – Lev Academic Center – the world’s largest academic campus for […]

24th Annual Torah and Science Conference

 24th Annual Torah and Science Conference at JCT The 24th Annual Conference for Torah and Science was recently held at JCT. The Conference, initiated by JCT, Bar-Ilan University and Yeshiva University, has become a mainstay of all Torah-Science related content in Israel. The Conference concentrated on the combination of Torah and Scientific knowledge in various fields of […]

JCT Graduates Achieve Top Scores on CPA Exams

JCT Graduates Achieve Top Scores on CPA Exams The grades for the final winter 2016 exam in advanced finances of the CPA board revealed that JCT attained first place amongst all academic institutions in Israel. Students from JCT’s Lustig Campus achieved 93% success on the final CPA exams,  compared to a national passing rate of […]

Fifth Annual Mathematics Education Conference

JCT Holds Fifth Annual Mathematics Education Researchers’ Conference The annual conference for Mathematics Education Researchers’ Conference took place at JCT in early March. Over 200 researchers and educators from around the world participated in the two day conference, which dealt with issues related to educational methods for mathematics.  Over the years the conference has become […]

95% of Foreign Students at JCT Remain in Israel

Academia and Zionism go hand-in-hand at the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) – Lev Academic Center. This week, a special delegation from JCT completed a marathon of events for young Jews living in France who are interested in academic studies in Israel. Binyamin Touati, who led the delegation, noted, with satisfaction, that 140 of the […]

JCT graduate to head Satellite Unit at Ministry of Defense

Lt. Gen.(Res.) Yoni Rabinovitch, the former head of the Department of Electro-Optics at MAFAT (the Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure), has been appointed Deputy Manager of the Space Administration and Head of the Satellite Unit of the Ministry of Defense. MAFAT chose JCT as the most natural environment to hold a […]