Campus Tal


There are more female engineering students at JCT than at any other engineering school in the country!

talMachon Tal provides the opportunity for religious and Haredi women to obtain a degree in engineering, computer science, industrial management and/or nursing while also continuing their Jewish studies.  This unique combination of a degree program and Jewish studies  affords many religious women the opportunity to make significant contributions to Israel’s high tech industries while remaining attuned to their Jewish values and customs.

With its women only classes and, Machon Tal creates the perfect environment for women with a variety of cultural, religious and family needs to earn a degree, obtain a job, and contribute to Israel’s growing high tech industry.  The Council for Higher Education recognizes Machon Tal for its contribution to the hi-tech workforce, as well as for providing this sector of society with the chance to study subjects in these fields. Accordingly, Machon Tal is fully accredited by the Israel Council of Higher Education.