Send off to Torah Mizion Emissaries at JCT

In the presence of the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav David Lau, Torah Mitzion Chairman Zeev Schwartz, Rabbi Yitzchak Neria, Chairman Torah Mitzion and President of the Lev Academic Center Prof. Chaim Sukenik the Birkat Haderech ceremony for the Torah Mitzion emissaries was held tonight at the Lev Academic Center.

Rav Lau “Today you are going to be ambassadors of Israel.  You are establishing a community of Torah and I wish each of you success in being a source of light, a source of joy, a source of Torah and warmth to all around you. I wish every couple who goes on this mission to return at the end of the year with a full plane of immigrants to Israel.” Professor Chaim Sukenik “Anti-Semitism in the world is growing, you can help them and maybe even create a desire among those who have not yet developed the intention to immigrate and join us here in the State of Israel. As emissaries of Torah Mitzion, you work in two tracks – one is to strengthen the communities in the Diaspora in spirituality and Zionism, and the other is to encourage Aliyah. For the sake of Israel and the Torah, I wish you success in your work. Photos: Avi Freedman

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