JCT student makes Aliyah from Ethiopia

After decades of waiting to make Aliyah, JCT student Negatu Yeshambel and his family, are given permission to make Aliyah from Adis Ababa.

Negatu Yeshambel was one of the 2 Ethiopian’s in the history of Israel, to receive a student visa to study at JCT.  After Negatu successfully completed the Mechina program, as a foreign student, he enrolled in the English speaking computer science program.  This past weekend, Negatu, his family and hundreds of other Ethiopian’s were granted permission to make Aliyah and were finally granted citizenship in Israel.  The family are required to quarantine for 2 weeks and will then be housed in an absorption center in Haifa.  Adjusting to new food, new culture and new atmosphere, the family is elated to have finally fulfilled a life-long dream – to live in Israel.  We wish Negatu and his family much luck in their new lives.

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