Emergency Campaign/Fund
JCT Initiative

The effort is largely focused on getting volunteers where they are needed and on providing emergency nursing refresher courses for those medical professionals who have not handled trauma or shock patients in years. 

JCT Emergency Support and Fundraising Campaign

The situation at JCT is that we have over 600 hundred of our students or their spouses that have been called up.

We also have a unique capability to help the evacuees from the south by offering the use of our facilities to displaced educational institutions.

We have launched a $3 million emergency fundraising campaign to cover the following anticipated costs:

Support for JCT Students: $2 Million

  • Emergency grants for war-related expenses: $200,000.
  • Food vouchers for 600 draftee families (Oct-Jan): $600,000.
  • Tuition and dorm waivers based on IDF service length: $1,000,000.
  • Supplementary academic services for draftees: $200,000.

Aid for Israelis Displaced by War: $1 Million

  • Hosting up to 420 evacuees, with a capacity for 500.
  • Support for relocated institutions from southern cities such as Givat Shapira, Rechovot, Gan Yavne, Ofakim, Gush Etzion, Sderot.
  • Includes housing, food, educational facilities, and utilities.
  • Anticipated shortfall: nearly $100K/week from the start of the war until the end of 2023.

How we’ve impacted​

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